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Acknowledging customer demands for rubber rollers in printing and packaging machines, in November 2015, SIC Primex started building printing roller manufacturing plant in Hanoi, the plant has officially operated from July 2016. Our plant’s services include: Making new roller, refurbishing roller, fixing roller journal and providing standardized roller shelf.

September 2017 marked a breakthrough in our roller’s production line technology as SIC had reached a transfer of technology agreement with Zenith Corporation – one of the most prestigious roller manufacturers in the world.

Zenith Corporation’s R&D team of more than 40 years of experience has successfully developed roller production line and rubber compound meeting stringent European standards.

With Zenith Corporation’s supports in equipment, standardized rubber compound, manufacturing process and worker training, our plant has successfully produced high quality rubber rollers to fulfill domestic demands as well as plans for exportation.

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Manufacture new roller - Roller refurbishment - Roller grinding - Roller journal fixing - Providing roller shelf


  • Good tensile strength, better dimensional and hardness stability.
  • Resistant to oil, abrasion and requires less frequent setting.
  • Low heat build-up with high speed offset machines.
  • Extremely good nap for proper emulsion of ink and water.
  • Grinding tolerance of less than 5 microns. Excellent resilience.
  • Durable and very high chemical and solvent resistance.
  • Special elastomer to stay softer for a very long period.
  • Resists shrinking, swelling and abrasion.
  • It resists hardening even when continually exposed to isopropyl alcohol and substitutes.
  • Achieves fine film thickness on its surface and on plate, resulting optimum fountain solution on plate i.e. ultimately on paper to reduce paper stretching.
  • Facilitates more rapid attainment of the ink water balance.
  • Excellent resilience, with grinding tolerance less than 5 microns.
  • High swelling resistance with UV inks and chemicals.
  • Specially designed compound will help you clean easily.
  • Hold its dimensional properties for longer period.
  • Advanced molecular locking technology to hold the shape and dimension of the rollers with continuous application of uv, Hybrid and conventional inks.
  • The surface texture of the roller will remain in affected for a longer period and, the cleaning will be very easy.
  • Excellent chemical resistance – As this industries uses a broad range of inks, these inks contains various solvents and chemicals that is used to control ink viscosity. Zenith compound has been formulated to withstand such usages.
  • Hardness stability – Swelling or softening of the compound is restricted and hence maintains the hardness of the roller stable.
  • Abrasion resistance – Roller do not wear out easily despite the use of various solvents in the ink, thereby maintaining its structure.
  • Excellent resilience ability – Even though these are high speed machines, the rollers maintains its shape and elasticity which is very important for the roller to function properly.
  • Low heat build-up – Printing is done on high speed machines where it’s important that the rollers are not heated. Rollers made of Zenith compound has low heat build-up. Thereby maintaining its shape and surface integrity.
  • Longer life of the rollers – Rollers manufactured from Zenith compound have a long runnability.
  • Temperature resistance – Retain physical properties over an extremely wide range of working temperatures.
  • Electrical properties – Inherently insulative and do not exhibit electrically conductive properties (custom formulations can be produced to achieve electrical conductivity if required).
  • Thermal conductivity – Custom formulated to obtain various levels of thermal conductivity.
  • Surface finish – Machined or ground to obtain a range of desired finishes.
  • Chemical resistance – Highly resistant to organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, solvents and oils.
  • Minimal weathering and aging – Withstand environments which break down conventional elastomers over extended periods.
  • Bondability – Bond reliably to clean, porous surfaces.
  • Wide hardness range.
  • Material properties are optimised based on the customers needs.
  • 100 ± 2 shore A hardness.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Low heat build-up with high speed offset machines.
  • Satin smooth finish.
  • Minimizes emulsification.
  • No oxidation problems.
Roller TypeHardness

Conventional Inking Roller
Combi Inking Roller

28 – 32 Shore A
30 – 35 Shore A
35 – 40 Shore A
40 – 45 Shore A

Conventional Dampening Roller20 – 25 Shore A
Alcohol Dampening Roller25 Shore A
Rider Roller98 – 100 Shore A
Uv Inking Roller

28 – 32 Shore A
30 – 35 Shore A
35 – 40 Shore A
40 – 45 Shore A
45 – 50 Shore A

Flexo Printing Roller60 – 65 Shore A
Roto Gravure Printing Roller70 – 75 Shore A
Silicone Roller40 – 90 Shore A
Hot Lamination Roller85 – 95 Shore A



6 month warranty for manufacturing errors.  

Remote customers

Remote customers will receive product at big coach stations as per customer requirement.

Roller Delivery

Deliver new roller within 5 - 7 days of receiving roller order.

Roller Adjustment

Mounting, install and adjust roller on location.


Shipping as per customer requirement within 15 km of 352 Giai Phong street.


Rollers waiting for quality check

Sản phẩm

Ready to roll out

Lò lưu hóa hiện đại

Standardized Zenith equipment

Chuyên gia

Strict quality check on every roller

Sản phẩm

Rollers ready for delivery

Giá lô

Roller shelf





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  • Zenithvietnamsic@gmail.com
  • Slot CN4, Thach That Industrial Zone, Quoc Oai, Hanoi

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